• Why should I consider using Maestro LifeStyles instead of searching for accommodations on my own?
  • Are your services actually free?
  • What type of senior living communities can you assist us in finding?
  • Can you help us find short term stay for our parents?
  • Are there any additional services or options you can assist us in finding?
  • Can you describe the process that Maestro Lifestyles will employto find the right retirement community for us?
  • Our parents are refusing to consider retirement home living. Can you help?
  • Can our parents afford retirement home living?
  • Is there a waiting list to get into a retirement home?
  • How do we get started?

It has been suggested by the Ontario Retirement Community Association (ORCA) that the average senior and their loved ones spend over 120 hours conducting research, locating, visiting, and negotiating in their pursuit of retirement community living. By allowing Maestro LifeStyles to be a part of your journey, this lengthy (and sometimes frustrating!) process will be efficiently managed by a LifeStyle Associate on your behalf, thus minimizing your investment of time and energy.

Yes. Our services are always free to seniors and their loved ones, and offered without obligation. As shared in our marketing materials, our mission statement is as follows:“Maestro LifeStyles Inc. is a for-profit company compensated by our participating Retirement Community Partners and Support Services Partners; therefore, our service is offered at no charge to seniors or their loved ones.”

Along with our impressive and diverse Retirement Community Partner network, Maestro Lifestyles is proud to assist our clients in finding:

  • Independent Senior Living
  • Assisted Senior Living
  • Heavy Assisted Senior Living
  • Memory Care Communities
  • Palliative Care Communities
  • Respite & Short-Term Stay

Yes. Many of our Retirement Community partners offer three to thirty-day respite care, suitable for individuals who have been discharged from a hospital procedure, and in place of family caregiver support when family members need/want a break.

Yes. This is an area where Maestro LifeStyles goes above and beyond our competitors to truly stand out and to fully meet the wide-ranging needs of our clients. In collaboration with our network of Support Service Partners, we offer a vast selection of additional services: home health care and personal in-home support, which enable applicable clients to remain at home in a safe and healthy environment; house cleaning; home organization; downsizing; moving services; transportation services; legal and professional SRES certified Real Estate agents. As we continue to learn through experience and feedback, our partner network is constantly growing so that we can expand these areas and branch out even more.

We use a straightforward four step process. We recognize that seniors are members of a vulnerable sector; we do not solicit or condone the solicitation of clients via call centres or direct marketing. We ask that those interested in our services contact us directly. We are always prepared to discuss options and address queries openly and thoroughly.

Step 1:Our LifeStyle Associate will meet with you and your loved ones in-person, at the location of your choice. During this meeting, we will discuss your interests with the goal of building a client profile that accurately reflects the lifestyle needs and limitations of the client: location; budget; services; etc. From this initial meeting forward, keen and mindful attention is maintained on the continuum of care requirements of the senior. We want to ensure that the needs continue to be met as they evolve in the future.

Step 2: Upon meeting with you and collecting the required information, the LifeStyle Associate will use the Maestro LifeStyles proprietary custom database to select and customize the appropriate products and services offered by our partner network. We will tailor the criteria to accommodate your unique interests. This process will efficiently narrow your search from over 120 retirement communities to a befitting list of no more than three. The LifeStyle Associate will then contact these chosen communities to request availability, pricing, and incentives/promotions (if available).

Step 3: At your convenience, the LifeStyle Associate will book tours of the chosen communities and continue to gather pertinent information to share with you.

Step 4: Your LifeStyle Associate will accompany you to all tours, appointments, and meetings that have been scheduled on your behalf. Your LifeStyles Associate can advocate for you, and will ensure that your questions and concerns are adequately addressed. Furthermore, the Lifestyle Associate will carefully review your decision with you before moving forward with a commitment.

Yes. In most cases, a third party can be of great value when broaching the subject of retirement living. A Lifestyle Associate can offer detailed knowledge so that all involved can make informed decisions. It is important to understand that not all seniors are ready to relocate or need to. Maestro LifeStyles can help you to explore the plethora of available support services. Should you find that remaining in the home is right for your folks, we will ensure that you have access to the appropriate services. No matter the decision, we will be by your side to provide a safe, secure, and healthy lifestyle arrangement, and thereby peace of mind.

In our experience, no two seniors come to us with the same needs and in many cases, budget is always a major factor. Maestro LifeStyles undertakes the responsibility of determining the products and services required by the senior we have been tasked to assist. With this approach, we aim to ensure that you find a comfortable, affordable, and long-term relocation to a retirement community that meets your current and future needs.

With over 120 retirement communities in the region, there is a vast selection of units to choose from. Options range from modest one-room studios to luxury two-bedroom apartments that include a den, all found in the same pleasant community.

Due to a lack of information, there is a misconception as to occupancy/vacancy in retirement communities. Retirement living is often confused with the Long-Term Care (LTC) sector of the Ontario Government Senior Services sector. In some cases, certain services can be limited, such as memory care or heavy assistance required. However, in most situations there is a considerable selection of Retirement Communities available that offer the products and services you are looking for.