We are offering your organization the opportunity to highlight and support your most valuable asset, people, by adding a Maestro LifeStyles Associate to your Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

The largest generational demographic in Canada today is 55+. As such, today’s work environments are filled with members of the so-called sandwich generation. These employees are working as hard at home as they are at the office; they are layered with the tasks of looking after the multiple seniors in their lives (parents, relatives, neighbors), as well as caring for their young families and careers. Hence, the Canadian workplace is suffering in productivity, absenteeism, and performance. This troubling issue is growing, placing excess demands and challenges on both employees and employers.

Maestro LifeStyles brings the opportunity to add a Senior Living & LifeStyle Associate to your organization’s EAP. This addition is free of charge. The manager or human resources professional who displays an awareness and understanding of the unique needs of their employees stands out amongst today’s competitive marketplace. The addition of a Senior Living & LifeStyle Associate will lead you to the distinction of respectful, informed, and compassionate employer.

Maestro LifeStyles proudly extends the most diverse Products and Services Partner Networking in the Senior Living and Lifestyle referral source industry. We can, therefore, offer unsurpassed support in locating a suitable retirement community setting, as well as an array of products and services that will enable the seniors in your life to remain at home in a safe, secure, and healthy environment, should this be the right choice for all involved.

We believe in empathy and integrity; we are guided by our dedication to open, honest conversation at a table where everyone is welcome. Your needs and interests are the heart of our business; your people are our people. You can rely on Maestro LifeStyles to fully serve those who rely on you.

Daughter (on behalf of her mom)
Maestro Lifestyles put our minds at ease and in no time found us a lovely community for Mom to call home.

Supporting the entire Champlain Healthline Region.

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